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【supply】Full automatic drilling machine

【supply】Full automatic drilling machine made by EASYLYENW company,。

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We are a factory to manufacture various kinds of tapping machines,drilling machines.


1, High speed, high precision. Can be used for high-speed continuous cycle operation, special motor can be durable, can be automated, one person can operate multiple devices for this tooth-type automatic tapping machine, can significantly save labor costs!


2, Working principle: Forward — reverse — forward — reverse and continuous rotation,forward — reverse — stop, a one-way cycle with a specific key switch to operate, You can also install the foot switch, selective operation, continuous, one-way, the cycle can be automatically. The operator can leave the hands of the machine, to achieve automatic work, beginners can also be smooth operation.


3, High precision tapping stroke adjustment is simple, automatic reversing device can freely adjust the tapping stroke, shallow hole and low-processed parts can be easily adjusted, double safety device to prevent damage to the screw attack, the spindle rotation,up and down, advance and retreat has special dual safety clutch, the spindle can automatically stop,will not damage the tool when reverse.


Can improve the production quantity and quality,there is not any kind of machinery can substitute automatic tapping machine in the international market.


◆ easy to operate, without manual processing of fixed objects.

◆ equipped with automatic reversing device.

◆ High-precision tapping stroke can be freely adjusted.

◆ high precision, vertical stability, running freely, can make very small and fine teeth and other general tapping machine can not achieve the perfect thread.

◆ self-made push-button switches and special motors have been rigorously tested, durable.

◆ 35-40 beats per minute.

◆In case of abnormal automatic alarm shutdown, troubleshooting, start running.

◆ automatic feeding system.


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