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          SUMMER OFFICE HOURS: Mon. - Thurs., 8:30 am - 2 pm; closed Fridays. Closed July 6.

          Saint Raphael Academy Welcome to the Saints family. Welcome home.

          Principal's Blog


          I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer break! I know it is the summertime but starting this week, I will begin my Principal Blog. The question that many of you are asking is, “How will SRA begin the school year?” My goal is to have all the students back daily at SRA when we open at the end of August. We have spent the last month diligently working on plans to insure everyone’s safety. We have also developed protocols for all of us to follow in an effort to keep the entire Saints community (students/faculty/staff) safe! These plans and protocols still need to be refined and reviewed prior to me disseminating them to SRA students and families. I know everyone wants to be physically present in school this fall, however, let me be very clear—we will have the entire school community in attendance only if it makes sense and we can do so safely. The spread of the COVID-19 virus will dictate how we open in the fall. Our priority is to keep everyone safe and healthy.
          If we can’t open with all our students in attendance every day at SRA, then our next option would be a hybrid model. Using the hybrid model would allow the Academy to provide both direct instruction and virtual learning to our students. The students would be divided into two groups and they would receive approximately 50% of their student instruction at SRA and the other half at home via distant learning. The advantage of the hybrid model is that we would limit the number of students at SRA to half the normal amount, allowing us to maintain social distancing between all community members.
          Our final option would be virtual instruction (or distant learning). Fortunately, for the last six weeks we have convened an SRA action group comprised of our faculty members who are developing plans to make distant learning even better than last year. The committee is incorporating feedback from the students and is working on enhancing teacher instruction to all students. I continue to be extremely proud of the SRA community. Please know that our teachers and staff are continuously working to prepare for the fall. All of us want to provide the best educational and social experience for your children.
          My goal is to try and be as transparent as possible, and I will use the Principal Blog to keep everyone updated during these very tumultuous times.



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